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The advantage of EOGO invisible sound

The advantage of EOGO invisible sound

 The advantage of EOGO invisible sound is obvious: invisible, installed in the wall, does not occupy the indoor space, does not affect the interior design style and aesthetics.

      The reason why EOGO can be "invisible" is because the sound is extremely thin. Amina, the leading invisible audio brand currently known on the market, has achieved a thickness of only 3.35cm, which is less than one tenth of that of traditional 12-inch speakers.

      The EOGO invisible sound quality is very light, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and installation, and the installation is basically not limited by the thickness of the wall and the height of the ceiling. The sound is completely "stealth" in the wall, no traces, the sound is still perfect. EOGO invisible sound plane honeycomb structure vibration board can truly achieve a full range of sound diffusion of 180 degrees, high-definition original sound reproduction. 360-degree sound creates a high-definition sound field with double coverage area, regardless of the structure of the room, where the listening position is, can be in the stereo sound field. The environment is adaptable and does not require sound field processing. The original sound reproduction brings the purest audio and video enjoyment.

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